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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I book a ticket online?

A: You can book tickets online via this website (www.reelcinemas.co.uk) which is available to use 24 hours a day. Alternatively, you can book tickets by phone. You can find the phone number for your local cinema on our ‘Cinemas’ page. Phone bookings are only available during your local cinema’s opening times.

Q: Is it safe to use my debit card or credit card to book tickets online?

A: Yes. We process your payment via a secure page. You will see 'https' in the URL and a security padlock either at the top or bottom of our payment screen. This means you have accessed a secure area.
All transaction details - including customer name and credit card details - are encrypted using SSL ('Secure Sockets Layer') for maximum security.
Furthermore, banking details are never transmitted in clear text through the REEL Cinemas booking system. REEL Cinemas respects the privacy of its customers. The personal information of customers using our booking services is strictly confidential and used exclusively by REEL Cinemas.

Q: Can I bring my carer with me to watch a film at the cinema?

A: Yes, of course. Not only that, but if you have a valid CEA Card, you will also be able to redeem a complimentary ticket for your carer when you come to watch a movie. 
Booking online? simply enter your CEA number to the 'Add Voucher code(s) or CEA Number' on the 'Select Ticket' page on the booking journey. A booking fee still applies per ticket. Please remember to bring your CEA card when you come to watch your film, as a member of staff may need to verify it.
Booking at the cinema? Simply bring your valid CEA card to the cinema and present it to the member of staff who is selling you your tickets to redeem the complimentary ticket.
How do I get a CEA card? Visit the CEA Card website to apply for a card. The following link will take you to their website - CLICK HERE


Q: Can I take my baby to the cinema?

A: We are happy to admit Babes In Arms into a morning or afternoon performance with a U or PG certification.

Q: What are the rules regarding film classifications?

A: Unfortunately, REEL Cinemas will be unable to admit a customer to see a film who does not appear to be of the required age for the film certification.
REEL Cinemas reserves the right to challenge a customer on this issue, as it is not just REEL Cinemas policy, but also the law. Customers may be asked to provide proof of age. All our cinemas display posters at the box office, advising of this policy.

Q: How can I find out what disabled facilities are available at my local REEL Cinema?

A: Please contact your local REEL Cinema for full details on disabled access, via the ‘Contact’ tab in the menu bar at  the top of the page.

Q: Can I bring my own food & drink to the cinema?

A: As a food operator we offer a wide range of drinks and snacks for our customers to purchase and enjoy at the cinema. However, we must also protect our cinema furnishings and other customers' clothing. Not all film-goers are considerate of others in their potential food & drink choices and so we have to set clear guidelines on what is appropriate. We do not stop customers with special dietary requirements from bringing in their own food & drink, but we do not permit customers to bring in unacceptable items, such as any hot food stuffs and/or any alcoholic beverages.

Q: Can I smoke or vape at the cinema?

A: No. REEL Cinemas operate a strict “No smoking, no vaping” policy. Customers are not permitted to smoke on the premises of any REEL cinema. This includes any form of electronic cigarette or other artificial smoking devices.
REEL reserves the right to require any person or customer found to be in contravention of this policy to leave the premises immediately, without any entitlement to a refund.

Q: Why do you charge a booking fee?

A: A booking fee of £0.99 is payable for each cinema ticket purchased from the REEL Cinemas website and is in consideration of creating, maintaining and operating the website & relevant booking systems, and to pay for the convenience of booking online. By confirming your booking you are agreeing to pay this fee, in addition to the price you pay to Reel Cinemas for your cinema ticket.

Q: How do I collect my tickets?

A:Your tickets are available at your chosen cinema for collection as soon as the booking has been confirmed, and remain available until the start of the selected performance.
All REEL Cinemas are equipped with advance booking ticket collection points (ATMs). Simply take the same credit or debit card used to book your ticket online with you to collect your ticket/s from the ATM at the cinema box office foyer. This process is only used to retrieve your tickets, no further charges will be applied to your credit or debit card.
To make the most of your booking, we strongly suggest that you collect your tickets at least 20 minutes before the performance commences.

Q: Upto what age can I buy a ‘Child’ ticket?

A ‘Child’ ticket can be bought for anyone between the ages of 2 years old to 12 years old (proof of age may be required).

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept most major credit & debit cards but we currently DO NOT accept American Express.

Q: Can school children visit the cinema during the day in term time?

A: We work closely with local councils to tackle truancy, therefore REEL will not admit school children into the cinema during school hours in term time. Children who wish to visit the cinema during these hours will need to produce a letter from their school on headed paper giving us authority to admit them entry. Any child who does not produce a letter will be turned away even if they are off school for legitimate reasons.

Q: What types of tickets are available?

Child - available for those from 2 to 12 years. Babes-in-arms under 2 are admitted free of charge.
Adult - available to those aged over 12 years old.

Photographic proof of eligibility may be required for any discounted tickets.
References to ‘adult’ above do not have the same meaning as ‘adult’ for the purposes of the mandatory conditions on the exhibition of films relating to the protection of children from harm as contained in the Licensing Act 2003.

Q: Are REEL Cinemas part of the Meerkat Movies 2 For 1 Cinema Tickets campaign?

A: Yes. Meerkat 2-For-1 Movies (Tuesdays and Wednesdays). Offer valid only for standard ticket price 2D and 3D (a premium will be charged on 3D Ticket for Glasses hire).
To get a code & enjoy this offer with your family and friends visit Compare The Market ( Meerkat Movies). Not Valid for EVENT CINEMA, VIP and PREMIERE LOUNGE.

Q: What are the current Film Classifications and what do they mean?

U Certificate - It is impossible to predict what might upset any particular child, but a 'U' film should be suitable for audiences aged four years and over. 'U' films should be set within a positive moral framework and should offer reassuring counterbalances to any violence, threat or horror.
PG Certificate - Unaccompanied children of any age may watch a ‘PG’ film. It should not disturb a child aged around eight or older. However, parents are advised to consider whether the content may upset younger or more sensitive children.
12A Certificate - No one younger than 12 may see a '12A' film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult. The decision to allow an under-12 to view a 12A film is the responsibility of the accompanying adult.
15 Certificate -  No one younger than 15 may see a '15' film in a cinema.
18 Certificate - No one younger than 18 may see an '18' film in a cinema.
Please refer to the BBFC website for more clarity about the latest film classifications: www.bbfc.co.uk.

Q: Can I cancel my booking?

A: REEL Cinemas has a non-refundable ticket policy. If you have any questions about this or require assistance please use the ‘Contact’ button to contact your local cinema.

Q: Where can I find the ticket prices?

A: Our ticket prices can be found in the ‘Info’ tab towards the top of the page. Remember to choose your local cinema from the list of REEL Cinemas, to find the correct prices.

Q: Are motorcycle helmets permitted inside the cinema auditorium/screen?

A: For security and safety reasons motorcycle helmets are NOT allowed to be taken into any of our cinema auditoriums/screens.