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Scary Girl
Scary Girl

Scary Girl

Running time: 84 mins

Animation Adventure Fantasy

On an isolated peninsula Arkie, a young girl with a talent for technology and a tentacle-like arm, is raised in secret by her kind but cautious father Blister, a rare Giant Octopus with the ability to regenerate life. As their idyllic world is threatened by an inexplicable loss of sunlight, Arkie and Blister work together to keep the local flora alive. Though Arkie has a tentacle like her father, and despite his unfailing encouragement, she isn’t able to revive plants like he can. When she tries to use her skills with machines to make a difference, she accidentally alerts the outside world to their whereabouts and causes a nearby skycraft to crash. Arkie goes to investigate, and she encounters Bunniguruand Egg, two bounty hunters who see the potential value in their newfound friend. While Arkie is gone, Blister, the last of his kind and prized for his abilities, is kidnapped. With Bunniguru and Egg leading the way, Arkie sets out to rescue her Octopus father, and journeys to the City of Light: a dazzling, modern city controlled by the mysterious Doctor Maybee. As she tries to find Blister, Arkie discovers that all is not what it seems and this incredible new world that her father had kept her from is one of great danger and full of answers to questions she never knew she had.

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